Building and Construction

Building and Construction

The building and construction world in Emilia-Romagna is rather complex and varied. There are many factors that characterize it, starting from the type of companies, some of them large and often organized as cooperatives.  But what makes this sector a driving force in the region’s economy is its supply chain: local companies are world leaders in a number of specific sectors - for example, the hugely successful tile sector.

Emilia-Romagna also leads in other industries such companies manufacturing bricks, window and door frames, and plastic, wood and metal building components.

Another pillar of the local manufacturing base is specialized mechanical engineering, here used for extractions, constructions and industries producing materials and components.

The sector has undergone a major crisis and some of the contributing factors (including the 2012 earthquake) have triggered a profound change that has resulted in major innovations and highly-specialized professional opportunities.

When new challenges had to be addressed, the green economy and the concept of smart cities applied to public and private building offered, and continue to offer, growth opportunities for a sector that is part of the region's DNA.

The areas that will reflect this new reference scenario are: development of high performance materials, more efficient and economical construction systems, new restoration and energy efficiency techniques, safety and usability of buildings.

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