Energy and Sustainable Development

Energy and Sustainable Development

When we talk about the future we necessarily see it as green.  We have learned that resources are not infinite and that a different approach is absolutely necessary to protect the planet.

Emilia-Romagna actively promotes sustainable development ("green and blue economy") by intervening across different sectors of the regional production system.

Energy and environmental issues also have important ethical and social implications and perhaps here more than in other sectors we find rapid growth in research and innovation.

 This is a very vast field involving different sectors, such as energy efficiency and new technologies related to renewable sources, waste and water management, the reduction of harmful emissions to the environment, the promotion of sustainable mobility, and careful management and enhancement of natural resources, including their tourism value.

In order to adopt a system that sees rubbish as a resource rather than waste, one of the key concepts with which we need to familiarize ourselves is that of circular economy.  The great activity in this sector, also due to the numerous regional initiatives linked to the promotion of circular economy, smart cities and the green economy, offers many employment and professional growth opportunities, bringing value to the region.

 For companies, the move to sustainability can become an opportunity for development and renewal not only for individual activities but for an entire corporate system that aspires to become virtuous.

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