Life Sciences and Wellbeing

Life Sciences and Wellbeing

It can be stated that the healthcare system in Emilia-Romagna is in "good health".  Puns aside, in a sector considered to be cutting edge at a national and even international level, the industry related to health and wellness is in very good shape.

The region has many centres of clinical excellence and services which, despite growing difficulties, maintain high standards, as well as a certain sensitivity towards social issues.

All this translates into strong attractiveness in terms of visits and treatments, making the region a popular destination for the quality of services provided: the conditions are therefore favourable not only for the specific diagnosis and treatment sector but also for everything related to health prevention.

The umbrella of the "white economy", the economy that revolves around this sector, includes a wide range of companies which also benefit from the Emilia-Romagna research system.  The pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries are undoubtedly cases of excellence; although not numerous, they are growing thanks to start-ups.

 There are also cases of investment by large foreign companies and smaller industries in the field of natural health and cosmeceutical products.

Biomedical industries, on the other hand, have long been a specialization sector: from the production of orthopedic prostheses, artificial limbs and dental prostheses to electro medical diagnostic technology and the manufacture of different kinds of medical devices.

Then there is a whole sector relating to medical and healthcare informatics, driven partly by the need to limit hospitalizations and beds and improve the management of facilities and everything related to the public and private healthcare and hospital sector.  Emilia-Romagna also provides a good level of services for the different categories of disability and specific difficulties (which are in turn included in the definition of "third sector") and has many industries producing wellness and fitness equipment and products and aids for disabled people. All this also invites wellness and fitness tourism.